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Lost Season 3 : Episode 2 - The Glass Ballerina

Episode 2 - The Glass Ballerina

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In flashback, Sun, as a child, breaks a glass ballerina and blames it on the maid, who will be fired by her father, Mr. Paik.

Later, Sun as an adult is shown having an affair with Jae Lee, who attempts to give her a pearl necklace. She refuses, afraid that her husband would see it. Then, to her shame, Mr. Paik barges in and finds them in bed together. Mr. Paik later summons Sun's husband, Jin, telling him to "send a message" to Jae (implying that he is to be killed), saying that Jae has been "stealing." But when Jin ambushes and beats up Jae, he still cannot bring himself to kill, and instead orders Jae to leave the country. However, as Jin gets into his car, Jae's body lands on top, having either jumped or been thrown from the above window. The corpse's hand is seen clutching the pearl necklace. At Jae's funeral, Sun asks Mr. Paik if he told Jin about the affair, but he says that it was not his place to tell Jin.

On the sailboat, Sun, Jin, and Sayid worry that Jack's party has not shown up. They argue about what to do, with Sayid wanting to sail to a new location, and Jin refusing, but Sun goes against her husband to agree with Sayid. They find the Others' dock, where they build a signal fire to try and lure the Others into an ambush.

Meanwhile among the Others, Colleen reports to Ben that Sayid (referred to as "the Iraqi") has a boat, and Ben orders her to put together a team and capture it. Her team avoids Sayid's fire, and instead sneaks aboard the boat, where they encounter Sun below deck. Colleen calls Sun by her full name, telling her that the Others "are not the enemy", and that Sun will not shoot because she is a "good person", but Sun shoots Colleen in the abdomen and then escapes overboard.

Kate and Sawyer are forced to work, digging and carrying rocks. Alex Rousseau, hiding in the bushes, asks Kate about Karl. Sawyer creates a distraction by kissing Kate, and steals a rifle, but is forced to relinquish it when Juliet threatens to shoot Kate.

Back in their cages, Sawyer tells Kate what he learned about the fighting abilities of the various Others. He admits his real name is James. They start discussing plans to escape, not knowing Ben is monitoring their conversation via security camera.

Ben then visits Jack, telling him his real name, and that he has lived on the island all his life. He offers that if Jack cooperates, he can be sent home. Jack believes the Others are also stranded just as he is, but Ben informs him of the exact time and date of his plane crash and that 69 days have since passed (making the date November 29) and insists that they are in contact with the outside world. He shows this by citing various current events, such as the re-election of George W. Bush to the American presidency, the sudden death of Christopher Reeve and that the Boston Red Sox have won the 2004 World Series. Once Ben tells him about the Red Sox, Jack starts laughing and says that proves he is lying. Ben then proves it by playing a recording of the final play in the game as Jack watches in shock.

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Sayids Plan, herauszufinden, wo sich Jack befindet, bringt Sun und Jin in Lebensgefahr. Unterdessen müssen Kate und Sawyer unter rauhen Bedingungen für ihre Kidnapper arbeiten und Henry macht Jack ein sehr verlockendes Angebot, das nur schwer auszuschlagen ist.
Gaststars sind:M.C. Gainey als Mr. Friendly, Tania Raymonde als Alex, Paula Malcolmson als Colleen, Michael Bowen als Pickett, Byron Chung als Mr. Paik, Tony Lee als Jae Lee, Sophie Kim als junge Sun, Joah Buley als Luke, Tomiko Okhee Lee als Mrs. Lee and Teddy Wells als "Anderer".


Blogger cateweb said...

Von den letzten drei Folgen, die ich alle nicht mochte, war das meiner Meinung nach mit Abstand die Schlechteste Teufel

Diese ganze Sawyer-Kate-Käfig-Henry-Tumor Sache find ich gähnend langweilig, dazu die beihnah alberne Art und Weise, bei der Eko ums Leben kam, das inflationäre Auftreten von Halluzinationen und lahme Kate Flashbacks.
Von den mittlerweile nervigen others ganz abgesehen.

Ne, echt nicht mein Fall.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, endlich jemand, der meiner Meinung ist. Ich fand die Folge auch extrem schlecht. Die ganze Hintergrundgeschicht von Kate war total langweilig. Dann war sie halt verheiratet und hat im Endeffekt wieder die Menschen verlassen, die ihr was bedeuten. Na und? Wir wussten doch schon, dass sie das immer tut. Wozu das ganze nochmal in ner anderen Version erzählen? motzen

Und es könnte mich nicht weniger interessieren, wen Kate nun wählt. Bin halt absolut kein Shipper bei Lost.
Was soll das alles? Wo sind die Mysterien geblieben? Ich will mehr davon sehen, was z.B. mit Desmond passiert ist, ob Penny die Insel tatsächlich orten konnte, was denn nun eigentlich mit den Kindern ist, usw. (ich bin mir sicher, dass es noch ne Menge interessante Fragen zu beantworten gibt aus den ersten beiden Staffeln, und NICHT "Wen wird Kate wählen?")

Nichtmal der so toll angekündigte Cliffhanger war gut. Das einzigste, was mich halbwegst gespannt auf die neuen Folgen im Februar warten lässt, ist die Tatsache, dass wir dann wohl endlich mal wieder an den Strand zu den anderen Charakteren zurückkehren und die ganze Serie sich nicht fast nur noch um Jack, Sawyer und Kate drehen wird.... Hoffe ich jedenfalls.

7:45 PM  

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